Friday, September 30, 2011

Eau Claire to Milwaukee

Here is yesterday's post, I couldn't get it uploaded due to crappy internets:

Last night was an awesome show in Eau Claire!  Big thanks to all the Anoka fans that came out and to 4onthefloor and the Heart Pills!

This morning we stopped to gas up just outside of Eau Claire and as I was walking in, my brother's best friend Chad was walking out!  Crazy to see him so far outside of Anoka, and he said he almost didn't stop because he was running late.  He got a new Crankshaft tshirt and wished us luck and we jumped in the Beast. 
We made it the 240 miles to Milwaukee despite nasty winds that threw us all over the road so hard that stuff was falling off the shelf Alex built in the back--and the little amp hit poor Trixie.  Just when she was getting used to all the rattling noises and finally calming down!  She's fine, but definitely shaken.  She rode up front under my feet for the rest of the trip.  I feel bad that she got scared, but this is damned adorable:

We're running on 4 hours of sleep and ready for the tonight's show, playing with Gnarrenshiff at the Uptowner! 8pm, $5 donation.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here we go!  Thanks so much to everyone that came out to see us off last Sunday night!  And special thanks to Pat, KP, Jay, Dave, Al, Keith, and Frenchy for playing pro bono.  Tonight we're pointing the Beast east to Eau Claire and the House of Rock.  With 4onthefloor, the Heart Pills, and our boy Crankshaft, the house better be rockin.  Show starts at 10, doors are at 8, there's a $5 cover, and it's only 2 hours from Minneapolis.  Last chance for a Crankshaft fix for the next 30 days!
Love, the Travel Masters