Thursday, October 6, 2011

2 more nights in Chicago

Wifi, yeah!  So, this is old, but better late than never, right?

Holy crap! Saturday night we played at Morseland in Roger's Park. That was a great show and we met a bunch of cool people, one of whom Alex was convinced was John Malcovich. You decide:

We also met the dude who set up the show and the one opening for Bob Log III. He and his girlfriend were awesome and even let us stay in their spare bedroom for the night (Trixie too!). We left their place on Sunday and went to a park right on Lake Michigan. Hung out for a few hours and got a nap in too.

The show at Reggie's was kind of a bummer, the local band dropped out and the replacement local band didn't draw anyone--but they were badass!  It is a split venue, and Alex was in the smaller room while there was a huge punk show playing in the larger room...not a lot of crossover traffic. But, we got a free meal and drinks out of it at least! 

The show was over at like 10:30 and we decided to drive a few hours toward Cleveland after that. Turns out that I-90 is a tollway the entire width of Indiana and Ohio, who knew?? So we got off that crap and slept in a commuter lot on the side of the interstate. In the morning we took highway 20 instead, all the way up to Lake Erie.  Wait til you see those photos!  I'm gonna try to get that up tomorrow but we have a long ass haul between Pittsburgh and Philly tomorrow (I am so behind!), so no guarantees.  This weekend should be a lot more chill though as far as traveling goes so I hope to get caught up.  Gah!


  1. Sounds like you are having a great and interesting time. Love all the travels, miss you guys, Ronnie & Dave

  2. I'm happy that you guys are getting some great hospitality, that must help out a bunch. Keep the awesome pictures coming. BTW, I think that Alex is right about John Malkovich. Your first celebrity fan! LOL