Sunday, October 23, 2011

South Carolina

On the way to Georgetown, South Carolina, we found this sweet abandoned gas station.

We pulled in to town around 4 on Friday afternoon.  The downtown area there is super cute, it reminds me of a bigger version of Anoka except that most of the storefronts are still occupied.  We found the Backstage Cafe and went in and talked to the owner Brad and his cousin Brent.

They were really easygoing and fun to talk to. Also, they fed us!   We explored the marina and went for a walk on the pier. 

We also noticed a bunch of people setting up tents and stuff along their main street and found out that the next day was the wooden boat show. It's a huge event there and lots of people come to town for it, so we had a great turnout that night. We met this group of bikers that fell in love with Alex, it felt so much like home! I don't know what it is but bikers love them some Crankshaft.  The next day we only had an hour's drive to Mt. Pleasant so Alex asked Brad if he could play for tips outside the cafe during the boat show.  

There was a band set up in a tent so Alex could only play during their set breaks, but he still sold around 120 cds by donation in 45 minutes. The south was nothing but good to us! I was sick that day so I didn't really get to walk around or explore much of the show, I mostly stuck to the camper with Trixie. It was so bad that by the time we got to Mt. Pleasant I was a terrible roadie and let Alex do all the work. I just needed to sleep and missed the whole show, so no photos from there, sorry! Next up is Florida.

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  1. That looked like such a fun place to play! We all miss you dearly.