Monday, October 17, 2011

Three days in Richmond

It was another crazy long drive from Delaware to Richmond on Sunday. Lots of beach traffic and road construction, wahwah. Cy Taggart, a guy that Alex got hooked up with on the internet was hosting a DC Blues Society open jam in his backyard and was nice enough to let Alex play a few tunes. The show was from 1-6 and we didn't roll up until around 4. The crowd really seemed to enjoy it and we sold a few CDs too! Talked to some really enthusiastic dudes who gave us lots of contact info for the next time we head this way.  Here's a video that Paul Magill Smith took of Alex's set:!/photo.php?v=10150345540949500.  Also learned that Cy's house/property used to be owned by a family that ran a private zoo with giraffes and zebras and everything. Plenty of room for Ms. Trixie to run around, which she definitely needed. Cy and his wife Connie are awesome people, they even let us sleep in their driveway and plug in and made food for us! Cy also hooked Alex up with an opening gig for Monday night in Richmond at Bogart's. Alex gave this guy a shirt because he had a tatoo of Slim Pickens riding the bomb from Dr. Strangelove (the inspiration for Alex's request bomb poster/new shirt design).

During the day we explored a few parks, including this one that with an old broken down building and tons of rocks to climb around on.

And some robots.

And a goofy lookin duck.

The Monday gig led to two more on Tuesday, one at Legend's Brewing Company and another one at Bogart's. Legend's has an amazing deck that overlooks downtown Richmond.

Richmond was so kind to us, we will definitely be back!  Here's a parting photo of Cy and Alex:

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  1. I re-posted the live Crankshaft link on FaceBook. Alex is such a ham...I love it! I hope that you guys have several more adventures before your long journey home. Take care, BIG Mike Wilson