Monday, October 10, 2011


We pulled up to Now That's Class in Cleveland around 5, then went to grab something to eat. After dinner we hung out at the venue and they let me bring Trixie inside so that was pretty rad. The drinks were stiff and cheap and it reminded me a bit of Palmer's, crackheads and all. We talked to a couple of locals that seemed cool and said they would come back to the show, but they never did. Dummies. One of the bands on the bill, Mr. California, didn't show up but he did send some really drunk dude to play his songs instead, which was ridiculous and awesome except that we had to listen to it. Also, he opened and probably drove out a fair amount of the regulars. Crankshaft played second. 

The other two acts, Shouting Thomas Torrent and Miss Firecracker, were really great and super fun to talk to. It was a bummer of a show because nobody came--7 people through the door total. It might have been because of the drunk guy, or because there was another big local show across town, or because it was a Tuesday. It was still fun to see the other bands and play for them though. That night we slept in some grocery store strip mall parking lot and the next day we went back into Cleveland to check out the Arcade that was built in 1890.  That was really sweet.

We explored a bit of the downtown then headed out on the road again.

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