Friday, October 21, 2011

North Carolina

We rolled out of Richmond and headed to North Carolina on Wednesday morning. That night we camped at Kerr Lake State Park at Satterwhite Point, which was deserted and the crappiest of all the state parks we've stayed at so far. It was still fun, just kinda dirty and I had 3 spiders in the shower with me there—not cool dude. The lake there was pretty, but the beach was all heavy clay that we got all over our shoes and paws.

Before we left Richmond we stopped at a thrift store and picked up a City Slickers VHS and watched it that night, which I'm pretty sure is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time. We slept really well though! In the morning we took of for Chapel Hill, NC, a town that has birthed many rock bands including Southern Culture on the Skids, which is one of Alex's favorite bands and a big reason that we wanted to play there. We got there around 4 and parked right in front of the venue, the Cave, then went to find some food. When we were done eating we came back and hung out with Trixie for a bit which was sort of funny because we were parked right in front of some really fancy shops/restaurants in our crappy eyesore of a camper. The Cave was a really cool space underneath one of those fancy shops, decorated to look like, wait for it... a cave!  

Even in North Carolina drunk people steal Alex's tambourine.

The staff was really nice and the place is dog-friendly so I brought Trixie in after Alex's set and let her chill for a bit, then one of the guys that works there whose name I can't remember brought his little pup in to play. Her name is Basil and she was much better behaved than Trixie, but they had fun together. After we got everything loaded up we decided to drive a bit out of town toward South Carolina and find a spot to sleep. The first Walmart we went to had “no overnight parking” signs posted so we had to keep going and found a Sam's Club lot to park in. We got woken up in the middle of the night by some jerkwad employees bumping their bass right next to the camper. In the morning we drove on to Georgetown, South Carolina.

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  1. Tambourines and drunk people go hand in hand...I should know(sad to say), I'm one of them. :)